Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Little Obsidian

So lately, my niece is very fond of My Little Pony. Anyone else a fan? I guess adults are called bronies or something. I don't understand why. But the release of Obsidian since February has been a Great Success! We have sold over 1,ooo copies already. Ember is selling over 2,000 each month. I am so happy and grateful for the all the feedback! I wish I could ask everyone personally who their favorite character is. That is my favorite question to ask.
I wish I could post each review, and thank every person that has commented, because I am so grateful to them. (even the bad ones!)
But that would fill this blog post very long, and everyone can go to amazon and goodreads to read those.
I thought, to celebrate Obsidian's success, in honor of my niece, I will show you all my sister's (aka, my agent, website runner, and editor specialist) my sister's self-made EMBER Series My Little Ponies.

So without further ado...

My little Obsidian:

You can probably guess, this is Evelyn. Isn't she pretty? I love the forest in the back. I want to live there.

Dum-dum-da-dah! Ikovos! He is so cute as a pony. Don't worry if you think he looks too clean-cut. All he needs to do is shake off those glasses and get his hair a little wet and he'll be a model of pearl and silver excitement!

 Now comes the funny part...

This is Jaden.

And this is what Jaden THINKS he looks like... 

Yup, that's our Jaden. I think particularly with all the success of Obsidian, all your wonderful feedback and support, he is feeling especially awesome. I'd say he considers Ember's success 90% percent the cause of his great hair, but that's for another story... 

I'll try to write a new post soon about what's coming in the future. Of course the Fallen Trilogy has the last to come out. And it is all finished! And it is amazing, if I do say so myself. The characters really pulled through in the last book. I love them. Fallen Warrior will be out soon I hope. 

As for those of you wondering about the THIRD TO THE EMBER SERIES, I have to tell you honestly that I haven't penned a single word. But I do know the story! It's going to be great (and a LOT happier than Obsidian, for those of you that have read it). It'll be full of magic, and light. It is tentatively called, "Dust" and likely that is what I'll refer to it as in future posts. 

I hope you all are having a good new year. Grace to you in 2013. You will be in my prayers. And I'd be remiss not to say that I hope you all think of Jesus this year, if you haven't before, and find a church to visit and celebrate His love for you. There isn't anything good that comes to you that isn't from Him. If you love stories, especially love stories, as I do, then I hope you will always remember that they are telling the secret of His love for you. Jaden, Evelyn, and Ikovos, all learned love from the one who loves us the most. So praise Him this Easter, because He is alive, and He loves you. 

Thank you everyone again. Happy Easter!

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  1. My daughters LOVE My Little Pony, so I really enjoyed this! :)

    Enjoyed your blog post as well! Will be praying for you as you continue your awesome journey as an author! God has give you such a special gift, and I am so glad that you are sharing it with us!