Thursday, August 23, 2012

Love Sworn is here! *UPDATE*


Love Sworn Reviews!
Hey, I just wanted to show everyone some of the reviews we've gotten on Love Sworn. We've sold 50+ copies in the first month! Two of these reviews are from amazon. One is from my website. If you like what you hear, please read the book!

Review #1:
5.0 out of 5 stars "Best book in years" August 23, 2012
By Avid Reader
(Amazon Verified Purchase) I have to admit I am a sucker for a beauty and the beast story any day of the week. But this one really out shines any of the others I have read. I LOVE the charaters. They are so real I was constantly waiting to see what was going to come out of their mouths next. It was tightly written, which is a rare thing these days. And I loved that the author stuck to the story structure of the well know story but at the same time made it her own. She knows her stuff!I laughed the through the whole book, but found it touching too. I would recomend this as a delicious read for all ages.

Review #2:
5.0 out of 5 stars "Best Epilogue Ever" September 14, 2012
By Scott R.
(Amazon Verified Purchase) Disclaimer: This review is very similar to another one I just wrote because, hey, it's Beauty and the Beast. We know how it starts, we know how it ends. It's the getting there that's the fun part.

So, in my search for new werewolf novels (my favorite genre) to read, I discovered that Beauty and the Beast came up with werewolves in it.

Well, this is a fun book. A riveting book. The characters, including and especially the supporting cast, were amazing. Tight plot, great dialogue. I will admit I really hated Dmitri at the beginning, but I guess you're supposed to. And I even got to experience the story without that awful "Be My Guest" song in my head.

And like I said, it has the best epilogue ever.

Review #3:
Love sworn is just another of an exceptional book written by Tess Williams! I have been following her since Ember and i get so excited every time i see that a new book is coming out! I cant wait for this december for Obsidian!!! Thank you Tess Williams and keep up the great work!
(now continue reading below to find out where to get the book)

Alright. So Love Sworn is OUT as of today, August 23rd, 2012.

Synopsis: An enchanted castle, a self-absorbed rich boy, a painful curse, and the quiet heart of a beautiful girl... Can a monster fall in love? Love Sworn is a modern day retelling of the classic story, Beauty and the Beast, with a werewolf twist.

How's that sound? I'm going to keep these post short and sweet, so you can get on to reading Love Sworn.

If you want a E-BOOK of Love Sworn visit smashwords, barnes & noble, or amazon. The price is $.99

If you want a PAPERBACK version of Love Sworn, please visit lulu. The price is $13.99.

FYI: If you don't have a Nook or Kindle, etc., you can go to smashwords and download the book (for $.99) in many types of files, so don't think you need an e-reader. You can also download a Nook or Kindle program for your computer, for free, from Barnes and Noble or Amazon.


-Love Sworn e-book: $.99
-Love Sworn paperback: $13.99
-As long as you have access to a computer, you can read Love Sworn on Smashwords, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

Positive Report: Love Sworn already sold 2 copies yesterday (before it was even "officially" out). Awesome, right?

Look at that face? That's Max.  He wants you to start reading about him. So go, go read the book. Then let me know what you think. Here on blogger, or in an e-mail. Oh, and don't forget to check out the new Love Sworn page, on my website.

Bye Bye.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Love Sworn, OSC, and Sly 4

Love Sworn. That's the topic up first. It is OFFICIALLY coming out. The OFFICIAL date is August 23rd, 2012. Yup that like a few weeks away. Yup, that's part of why I've been so busy.

Here is the cover. Read the snippet on the back if you like.

Pretty soon, we'll have a page up on the website just for Love Sworn. Then you can read more about it. Until then, I hope you'll be looking forward to it! It's going to be available as an e-book, for the usually $.99. And also on, in paperback (price yet to be determined, but between $10-15).

Now, for OSC. Here he is...

Wait, no... that's just the cover for one of his most famous (or, um... most famous, right?) novels: Ender's Game. Here he is...

Er... not actually. This is just a page from the newishly made comic book for Ender's Game, depicting two stars of the story (Ender Wiggin and "Bean"). Don't be dissuaded by Bean's size. He's a tough one. Awesome artwork, right? Now, if only someone would do a massively large drawing of the "giant" that Ender, er, um... well, I better not say. It'll ruin the story. But Mr. Card, if you're reading this, you know what I'm talking about (hopefully?) Please convince the creators of the Ender's Game film to star the giant in the main poster. And have Drew Struzan do it. The guy that painted this:

And this. And these:

Wow. Those posters never fail to impress. Click Drew's name above. Check out his site. You won't be disappointed.
Now, back to Mr. OSC, here he...

No. Nope. That's Asa Butterfield. Aka, "Ender". What do you think? He's gotta be bossing, if he's going to be Ender. Because Ender Wiggin ...spoiler, spoiler, spoiler... (don't try to click that by that way, cuz I just typed "spoiler" three times and it would be really annoying if your wanted to read it and it didn't do anything)
This is Asa from Hugo. He looks pretty serious, doesn't he? We rented the movie just to see him; it was a little strange (about making movies) but that's okay. Asa was awesome. Ender's Game could be a great film.

So long as... 

Aw. There he is. Mr. Card. That's my favorite pick of him, and he is just so great. He's got to be one of my biggest inspirations. It's not just his stories and the passion and full-heartedness with which he writes his words (his characters are SO cool), it's also the sort of blogging his does, the way he goes about doing his book signings and the way he teaches other writers.

On that note, I've brought up Mr. Card, more overly to complain. You see, Mr. Card lives in Greensboro, NC. Where do I live? Greensboro, NC.
Where do I go see my movies? Regal Grande Theatre at Friendly Avenue.
Where does Mr. Card oft see his movies (at least according to his blog, hatrack)? Regal Grande Cinemas at Friendly Avenue.
And where do I go all the time to read and write? The Barnes & Noble at Friendly Avenue.
And yet, yet, when Mr. OSC came for a showing there not two weeks ago, I couldn't make it. NO! I didn't make it.
He was coming for a signing of his new book, Earth Unaware. Which I haven't read yet (so, I know, you're thinking, why am I complaining, it's not as if I should have shown up not having read the book). Still, I'm positive it's going to be great.

Right now, I'm reading (cough cough, listening to*) Speaker for the Dead. The sequel to Ender's Game. *Though I found out recently that he actually wrote Ender's Game, as more of a PREQUEL to Speaker for the Dead. In other words, Speaker for the Dead, was perhaps the original story in his head.
At any rate, the story certainly reflects that. It's rich, and fully absorbing, also sad enough to make you cry and cry and cry (for seemingly no reason...)

Reminds me of a little, awesome movie my family and I just recently watched called: Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below or  Hoshi o ou kodomo in it's original title. It's a Japanese film by Makoto Shinkai. And perhaps these still-frames will give you an idea of just how beautiful the film is...

If you like Hayao Miyazaki movies, then you're sure to like this. But fair warning, it's pretty scary, and (as previously alluded to), very sad. It deals a lot with death (actually, that's kind of the theme of the whole movie. But it's good! Check it out!

Speaker for the Dead, reminds me of just how great a character Ender Wiggin really is. I think in today's culture, a lot of people are seeing strong men as ones who don't feel strongly, or never get lonely. Ender's character really opposes that. I can't wait to see Ender's Game, even if there's a slim chance it'll be as good as the book. It's still exciting!

And lastly, on OSC, in case you've already known everything I've said (having read the very popular Ender's Game, etc, as many have), then do yourself a favor and read this book next:

Enchantment. I liked it (loved it!) every bit as much as Ender's Game. It's just a touch darker though. But I'll never forget the main character. He's referred to as "Ivan" through most the book, but I continue to think of him as "Vanya". The name he's introduced with.

Enchantment is a sort of Sleeping Beauty retelling. It's an excellent story. Very romantic!

Alright, and that's about it. I meant to blog about Sly Cooper 4 as well, but I'll save that for another time. (I'll do a expose' on him!) The man (er... raccoon) behind the mask.

Ah, shucks, I'll at least post this:

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time image

So cool...

August 23rd! Mark the date.

Next time: Obsidian news, reviews, (sly 4 :D) and... ORIGAMI YODA! (because THIS just came out today...

The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee  (Origami Yoda #3)

And I need time to read it...

May the Force be with you!

EDIT* In other news... The Secret of the Forune Wookie isn't really out until the 7th. WHY CRUEL WORLD!?! And yes, before you ask, I DID drive all the way to the bookstore and plan a whole hour's worth of busy schedule time to peruse it. Thus I was stuck.... staring blankely off into space... or rather at the Barnes and Noble sign which read: "The Secret of the Fortune Wookie" out August 7th, pre-order your copy today.
 Well, I don't want to pre-order it, Barnes & Noble. I want to order it. And I want to get it like a taco at Taco Bell: right away. And now I've REALLY deviated into rambling. This is why I should be reading. About origami star wars characters... (*heavy sigh, as I slowly saunter off)