Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fallen Warrior July 4th! (the red-coats are coming!)

The red-coats are coming!
The red coats are coming!

Okay, sorry, I just couldn't help it.
I actually did not intentionally choose out July 4th as the release date for Fallen Warrior because it's independence day.
I chose it very simply, because it is the first Tuesday of the month of July. July was when we could be sure that the formatting would be done for Fallen Warrior, and Tuesday is the routine day for novels to be released (something to do with when the Washington Post does reviews).

Anyways, it wound up very humorous, as anyone who might have read the FALLEN books should be able to guess. The bad guys (Akadians) are red, well there armor is, I mean. Those are their colors. Currently, they're a massive-super-tyrant country taking over all the others. I'd say we're hoping for a little independance, right?

We'll see what happens. I don't want to give anything away.
Instead, I'll just share some pictures, (including the cover!), a few songs, and a little snippet of the third book. I think this time, I'll share something from the MIDDLE instead of the start, but I'll try to avoid direct spoilers.


Play this while you're reading, because it's just that good, and you've NEVER heard it before. Plus it's Cyric's theme song in Fallen Warrior:

To start off, here's the cover:

What do you think? I'll list the others to compare it: 

You might have noticed by now that the picture in the center is different. Any guesses as to how yet? When a few people have read the third installment, I will explain that a bit more! I promise!

Now, please enjoy a few pictures of... something which (spoiler*) might happen to be in the third book. (Well, it IS a trilogy about dragons after all). 

This painting is titled: "close to heaven" by alviaalcedo on deviantart.com 
 Please check them out! 

I'm not sure who this is by, but the colors are great for my imagined dragon of Fallen Warrior.

These last two, are by the ever epic illustrator John Howe. Click his name to check out his site. He's the best.

SO... does anyone remember the name of Ellia's dragon in the FALLEN trilogy? It's not talked about a lot. Here's a pic of Ellia by the way, so that you know who we're talking about: 

Ellia looks SORT OF like this...

...but dressed like this:

And here's Cyric: 

But dressed like this: 

And probably lounging also. 
Heh, heh. 
Okay, those aren't their wardrobes EXACTLY, but it's actually really hard to find unique medieval clothes.

The dragon's name was KRAHE by the way. 

It is pronounced to rhyme with "stay". No need to sound out the 'h'. 

Kraehe was purple and black, so the second picture of the dragon down, suits her best. 

Lastly, I would like to share this picture I found recently, which would be of something of major importance to the third book. I'd say it best expresses it's feel:

Pretty hunh? Click it for the large size.

And that's about it!

Don't forget to mark the date of the release for July 4th!

And just in case you can't wait, here's a little tidbit:

**If you're highly sensitive to spoilers, please do not read; though it's really not spoilery.


The morning of my father’s execution, the sky had been blue and silver. I remembered well because it was the same color as the clothes I’d worn. All the orphans cared for by the scholars wore pale blue and silver tunics, and at that point I’d been with the scholars for years. Executions, especially hangings, weren’t a usual thing in Uldin Keep. It was held outside, on one of the stone walls that connected the inner parts of the Keep. The level was somewhere near the middle, accessible by both the lower residents, where his victims had resided, and the higher courts, where anyone interested could watch. Plus the royals, who were required to. Savras, of course, who had given the verdict was present. He witnessed it from a high section at the back of the crowd. And his daughter stood beside him. But the only thing I watched that day was my father. At that point, I hadn’t seen him for months, and even then in passing. What conversations had we ever had? None. So, I wanted to see if he even knew that I existed. I ignored the looks aimed at me, the pointing, the crying victims, and those from my mother’s family who I also hadn’t seen in months. Not successfully did I ignore all of them, because I could have described the entire scene. But I tried.
When they brought him out... he was already shouting. It was as I remembered him, those times I’d sought after him on the streets: just to watch him. He was almost always shouting, always fighting, always angry. He had dark hair, and long, pulled back into a ponytail that knotted together. He had a well-defined face, and a thick square jaw, a roguish handsomeness that had kept him accompanied through the years, despite his temper and lack of worth. And he had coal grey eyes, dark and silver when he was laughing, flat and empty on days like today.
The spectators, who had remained in hushed and resolved silence before his arrival, reacted to his shouting with gasps, tears, or some prayers to the maker of the granted. I wished, and even thought, that I was just watching it calmly, but my chest kept rising and my nose burned. They gagged him so that he would stop shouting. And then they pulled him up onto the gallows, and everyone was silent as they read his crimes. Deaths. Many. Things he should have been caught for years ago, but murders were so rare in Shaundakul, particularly repeated, that he hadn’t been caught until the fifth.


 And... that's all you get. Fallen Warrior is a very big book, and a lot happens. I hope that everyone enjoys it, and comments back to me on what they thought.

Hope you have a week blessed by God.
Jesus is coming soon! (maybe even before my book releases.... o_O)

EDIT ---------------------------------------------- EDIT

Then there's the funny part where July 4th is actually a Thursday.
I could have sworn at the time that I checked it, it was a Tuesday!
Curse it all, but it's alright: I think this is what happened: