Wednesday, May 7, 2014

This post is difficult to write. Dear fans of Tess Williams, on May 2nd Tess was traveling in India with her husband and was killed in a Taxi accident. This is not a joke or false. We are asking for your prayers for her husband and family during this difficult time. There is a memorial fund that has been set up in her honor. The proceeds will go to the Embrace a Village children's home in Coimbatore, India. This is a place that Tess was involved with that very close to her heart. If you would like to honor her memory, please make a donation. The picture below was taken while Tess and Shankar were visiting the EAV children's home, I'm sure you can see the joy and peace on her face. I am asking also that you are respectful with your comments as they will be read by her grieving family.
Please be assured that her books will still be available online. Also, we will be doing our best to edit and publish any works she has already completed.

She loved you all, and prayed for you often. 
Thank you -Beth Cox (Tess' sister)


  1. Dear Beth, I want to express my deepest condolences. I had just written a long letter to Tess and came to this site to get her email address. I am shocked and overwhelmed with emotion. I am happy to know though, without any doubt, that Tess is in the arms of her Father. If you would like to read the letter I wrote to her, just contact me and I will send it to you. I would also be happy to create a memorial portrait for you at your request. I hope to hear from you.

    Jenni Haskin

  2. I am so so sorry for your loss. Words cannot express how sorry I truly am. Mrs. Williams was such a beautiful and talented writer with a connection to faith I haven't found anywhere else in all the books I have read. I will always remember her as the best writer I have ever had the pleasure of reading from. My heart is breaking right now for her family. I am so so sorry but know that she is wrapped in the arms of our Lord now where a beautiful soul like hers deserves to be.

  3. By random chance did I come to this website, and by this post I am extremely saddened.

    I was feeling down today, and remembered something someone, a couple of years ago, had said to me on Deviantart. I scrolled through my pictures until I found their comment, and their words impacted me just as much as they had the first day I read them. I just remember this person always commenting on my mediocre artwork, and always offering words of encouragement when I was down. They were my mysterious friend, one whom I could confide in and let them help me with my troubles. They lent me their ear and I gave back a smile of thanks. I wish I could have returned the favor more, but they never seemed to need that encouragement. They were a blessing in my life.

    So, I was looking on their deviantart page to see what they had been up to since I last came on (which was sadly two years ago), and found that they, or rather she, had posted a link to a website for her books! I was curious because around the time I had left deviantart, she hadn't had anything up about her books yet. So, I followed the link, and the first thing I see is this post. I'm thinking that there's no way this girl is Tess Williams, THE same Tess I had conversed anonymously with for over a year, in one of my harder times. I went back to her account and looked through her stories, and couldn't believe that she was an author. The same Tess that was mentioned in this post was the same Tess from my past.

    I have no idea how she stumbled upon my artwork, or why she chose to comment on it and form a small friendship with me, but I am so glad she did! Even though I did not know her personally, or had not heard from her in 2 years, I want to extend my condolences to her family. But from what I gathered from our conversations so long ago, I have no doubt she was doing something she loved, and for everyone she cared about. I think I'll look into purchasing a book or two of hers, just to know that this was the same person that helped me out in the past. My prayers and thoughts are with her family, even though it's been a month. A month can be either a short, or a long time. But she will never NOT be missed.


  4. A couple years ago, I had just finished the last of the Ember series and looking for more. I came to website and was terribly saddened to see she had passed away. Tess had a knack for making you feel invested in the characters and she did what she set out to do. No matter how short her life was, she reached a goal that many others who have lived longer did not. I realize that for her family the grief is not over just because it's been a couple of years. So I just wanted you to know that for those who enjoyed her works, it's not over either. I pray that the peace of the Lord dwells in your hearts and gives you comfort even now. Tess is not forgotten, keep your head up.

  5. I was just going through my old emails and came across one that Tess sent me. I had written her an email telling her how much I loved her books, not really sure if she would read it. Not only did she do that, but she also took the time to reply and thank me, and also ask some questions about what I liked. The fact that, even though she was probably so busy, she took the time to reply to a little 13 year old meant so much to me and made me so happy. Even from the little I know about her, I can see that she was such an amazing women, along with being a fantastic writer. The way she displayed her faith was also a great example for me and I'm sure many others.
    I just wanted to let you know what an impact she had on people like me, so that even though she is dearly missed, even more so by her family and friends, I am glad that she can be happy in heaven