Friday, July 19, 2013

Worry to Grace

This is probably the most important post I've ever written.

If you've got a problem with worry, as many people do, then this post is really important for you to read. 

I recently had a tragedy strike my family. I won't go into it in detail, but the point of it is that God revealed to me some very important truths after the trial, and pretty much all throughout it.

I've struggled with worry, pretty much all of my life, though I am a christian, and that shouldn't be our part of our MO.

But it was. And especially during this trial, it hit me.

But God gave me an answer!
This is the good part.

I wrote a book about it (really He wrote it, I just tried to type fast enough:)).

I want to share it with everyone for free, because if worry is part to your life, this is super-going to free you.

So without further ado, here is the link to the full Worry to Grace devotional...

Worry to Grace

This is a PDF, so anyone should be able to read it simply from their computer or phone.

Guys, I can't stress enough how much this will really help you if you struggle with worry.

If you'd like to buy the paperback format (I can't make that one free, because they charge to make it! lol), then you can buy it here on lulu: Worry to Grace Paperback on Lulu Publishing

And then, here's a few songs that really fit the heart behind the book:


I'm trying to get this book out there fast, so if anyone happens to notice a typo in the file, please let me know here in a comment. That will help a lot! 

Thanks, and God be with you in all that you do! 


**side node: DUST (the third book of the EMBER series) is coming out next month! Yay! More on this next time. 

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