Monday, December 17, 2012

Release Postponed

Alright, so sadly, the blog title says it all: the 12-18-12 release of OBSIDIAN has been postponed. Right now, I would say indefinately postponed officially, with hopes that by next Tuesday (the 25th, aka Christmas) it will miraculously appear. If that is the case, I will let everyone know on this blog by Friday, the 21st.

But, now before you get upset, I have a really good excuse.
I am getting married!
It's in less than three weeks, and my sister/webmaster set the release date for Obsidian, before I'd even met my future husband. So... that can take up a lot of unexpected time. Please have patience with me. I will do my best, to get it out by Christmas, if not then, the next week and so on. Thank you all for your support, and to everyone looking forward for the Obsidian release, I am sorry. I hope it will be worth the wait.

As for a gift both christmas and apologetic, please listen to and enjoy these songs that it is highly likely you've heard 1 thousand + times on the radio, each day. And yet, they fit OBSIDIAN (and EMBER'S third installment) very nicely.

Merry Christmas!


  1. AARRGGRHGGRHRGHRRHRGHRG...... I'm really happy you got married C:.......But where's the book? Sorry, I'm just so excited to read it!!

    1. Thanks Awesome Millie. That's really sweet. I am excited to finish, when I hear someone is waiting! ;) I'll let you be the first to know, I'm about to post the new release as Valentine's Day. Thanks again for your support and wedding wishes.