Friday, June 8, 2012

Obsidian... and Mummies... and Gypsies

If you've been to the "coming soon" page you know that Obsidian is almost finished up, entering into the editing process and will be out for sale 12.18.12; this year! So... I thought I'd post some sneak peaks for it. NOT actual chapters or anything; too soon for that. :) But playlist, pics, a few videos. Me and my sister have an argument going on about what Jaden looks like (he's the male lead for Ember/Obsidian in case you didn't know), so if you've read the books, have a look, and let me know which team you're on. He always comes in the form of a youtube vid, yay for music! So without further ado...


Who Knew - Pink
Bright Lights - Matchbox Twenty
Come In Closer - Blue October
Look After You - The Fray
Miserable At Best - Mayday Parade
Heartless - The Fray
Please Don't Leave Me - Pink
Evelyn - Hurts
Already In - Jon McLaughlin

Most of the first book's playlist songs belong to Evelyn (i.e., they're from her point of view), so I decided this "sneak-peak " playlist for Obsidian, would be a few of Jaden's songs. "Who Knew" starts from the end of Ember (book 1) to the start of Obsidian. It's sort of a "between the books" song. "Come in Closer" by Blue October, encompasses a lot of the feel of Obsidian.  "Please Don't Leave Me" by Pink & "Heartless" by The Fray (yes, it's a Kanye West cover, if you were wondering) are both the main songs for Jaden in Obsidian. Where I'd say he's most "at" if that makes sense. Yeah, doesn't sound good, does it? He'll be okay.

As far as the "Evelyn" song by Hurts. I'm not usually into the name, actual-name, song thing. But this one just fits so perfect. Here, listen:

And so...

On to the Jaden's appearance issue.

This is what my sister believes he looks like:

Yes, the main boy of course. No doubt you've seen this video? I told her that maybe if I were drawing Jaden or something I could possibly use him as a model (not really), but to me, he doesn't have enough... er... depth or something. I don't know. Jaden-ness.

On that note, here are my picks:

A mix between that, and...

...that. She's even less crazy about the second, than the first. And no, Jaden would probably never be caught dead in that hat that Enrique is wearing, and yet: it's something about his movements -- and Jon McLaughlin's (who's an awesome artist by the way--listen to all his songs!). They're deliberate movements; passionate, but controlled. That's all Jaden to me. It's more about what's going on inside them then their looks. Though the looks fit too! Especially if you could mix them together.

I picture Jaden darker skinned, and somewhat foreign. My sister suggested "gypsy" and I'd say that's the right term. Gypsy is actual just another name for Romani people who live in parts of Europe, and they're actually traceable back to India, or close to it, in southern Asia. Insteresting hunh? yeah, I just found that out. Of course most people know about Gypsies for themselves. Think of Jaden like that!

And if you've read Ember, please leave a comment mentioning which one you'd say fits best! Or do you have your own suggestions? Sadly, I still haven't found an Evelyn.

Here's the closest:

Haha. Yeah, sure, it's Evelyn from "The Mummy". Now you're really not going to believe me that I don't have a name thing. Still...

And that's about it. I'ma get back to work editing, so you can look forward to reading. Thanks for stopping by!


I wonder...

Does that mean...



No. :)

Though he is cute!

Go watch The Mummy!

Every day.


  1. Ok so for Evelyn i think of hair of the girl in phantom of the opera but dirty blonde and i kind of think of your body, tan and skinny, but a little taller than you :) Love you!
    And for jaden....well he is complicated...i have to agree with beth but with mclaughlins hair and the skin color scheme of jacob from twilight..Enrique Inglasias....really!?!?!?!

    Love you!!! Nessa :)

    1. Ha. Poor Enrique. Did you watch the song? Oh well... yeah, the girl from the Phantom's hair is great. Evelyn would like being compared to hers.

      As for Jaden, somehow I knew Beth's was going to be more popular. Well, we'll see...

      Thanks for commenting Ness!

  2. hahaha perfect pic for Eve...dying for the second part of Ember. How bout sneak peak teaser, please...? ; )

  3. Just read ember when's the next book out

  4. I'd go with the first one for Jaden, But I agree that his skin should be darker. And that's the perfect person for Evelyn!! Altough maybe the top of her head shouldn't look like that....:P