Monday, April 15, 2013

Fallen Warrior

So I thought I'd announce to everyone that I'm beginning edits of Fallen Warrior. FALLEN WARRIOR is the third and last book in the FALLEN trilogy.
Compared to Ember and Obsidian, the Fallen Trilogy hasn't had as much attention, but I hope that with the third book coming out, people will really give it a chance. To encourage that, here's some artwork that has inspired the books. Be prepared for pictures galore.

*Click one of the pictures, if you want to see them all big. 

 This is similar to how I imagine Uldin Keep.

This is part of the metal-works processing that Akadia does. You could think of this as Akadian-red, when I'm always describing the soldier's or city colors.

 I found this after I wrote in Tosch. The black one REALLY looks like him! For those of you that have read the first two books, you'll know Tosch. But he plays an even bigger role in the third book!

This is not really how I imagine chimera for my book to look (not at all, hehe) but I still like the picture. Evil chimera, ftw!

This is Luffie nearly exactly. So lovely.

 Tosch again.
 And again.
 Well, I wonder who this is.
 And perhaps you don't know who this is going to be...

 This is an actually photo from the Island of Yanartas in Turkey. It has FIRE inside of it, just like in the book.

 Lapis Lazuli, the stone Cyric sees in book two.

White Tigers! Byakoans! Haven't met them yet...

 Inspiring a place called Genbu. Won't go there until book three...

 This is a secret. :)
Uldin Keep again.

This is literally nearly every picture that inspired the books. Much of the artwork is from deviantart. Just message me if you would like the name of the artists. The four silver medallions are an important element to the Fallen books that I might write about in a future. But I don't want to give too much away, until everyone's read the third book!

Hope you like the pictures. We'll be announcing the release date soon! Get reading the first two.
And p.s. here's Cyric and Ellia:

They are the two blondes. I assume you can deduce sex... :)

Have a blessed week!

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