Sunday, July 1, 2012

Coming Soon

Alright, so even with all the announcements there have been about Obsidian (the second to Ember), coming in December this year, I'm actually going to be releasing a book before then. For SUMMER!

Here it is:

Love Sworn is a re-telling of the classic story of Beauty & the Beast. I wrote it a few years ago, but I never released it (or tried to get it picked up by an agent) since there had been so many "Beauty and the Beast" remakes coming out then.

But now since I've got my website up I decided: "hey, it's awesome. Let's just go for it."

I'm not sure how much I should say about the story.

Let's see.... it's set in the modern day (arizona), but I wouldn't say that that plays a very huge role. (as far as setting).

There aren't any talking clocks and pots (as with the Disney version). But ... er... let's just say, here's a couple pics of two of the main characters:

His name is Lensan.

And her's is Verlaine.

Also, from the cover I imagine you could guess "wolves" play a big part.

Yes, that's because, well... hmm... check the tag at the end of this post if you're really curious for a spoiler. Otherwise I'm not going to say. Then again, once my sister writes the synopsis for me (and you, and everyone) to read, she'll probably mention it.

So... werewolf-ism is involved.

That's all I'm saying.

The two MAIN main character's names are: Adelle & Dmitri.

They share the cover, and SPEAKING of that! That cover was painted with water colors by my awesome sister. I drew it. It's not finished up completely yet, but while you're here, if you don't mind helping me out, I'm trying to decide on the final cover between:

...this... and...

...this. Oh, the conundrums presented by a single button on Photoshop. I should never have clicked that "auto-tone". Pfft. Anyhow, which do you like better? You could leave a comment to let me know. The first is the original medium colors. The second is adjusted, but the cooler tones might match the theme of the book better, I don't know... give your oppinion!

Lastly for today, here is the playlist (working) for the book. Most of the songs belong to Dmitri (as you will see) cause he's just cool like that.

Crack The Shutters - Snow Patrol
Transformation - Beauty and the Beast
When A Man Loves A Woman - Percy Sledge
House of Wolves - My Chemical Romance

White Lines & Red Lights - Between The Trees
Against All Odds - Mariah Carey & Westlife
Somewhere Only We Know - Keane
Only One - Yellowcard

Everytime We Touch [Candlelight Mix] - Cascada

Everything - Buck Cherry
Prozak - Dexter Freebish
The Widow - Mars Volta
Do You Love Me - The Contours
Reverse This Curse - Escape The Fate
Sugar Daddy - Jackson 5
Your Smiling Face - James Taylor
Use Somebody - Kings Of Leon
U Can’t Touch This - M.C. Hammer
Is This Love - Bob Marley
Let Me Be Your Wings - Thumbelina
You Got It - Roy Orbison
Crazy For This Girl - Evan & Jaron
Please Don’t Leave Me - Pink
Until The Day I Die - Story Of The Year
Hurt - Nine Inch Nails
One Sweet Day - Mariah Carey [Feat. Boyz II Men]
Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough - Patti Smith & Don Henley
Something - Across the Universe
Creep - Muse

Yup so that's it. More announcements should be coming soon (including the exact release date). Listen to a few of those songs, and don't forget to comment! Happy Independence week by the way!


  1. I love the second one! I like the first one too but the color really pulled me in.

    1. Thanks Alisia. A lot of people are giving that feedback. It's gonna be the one we go with. Glad you liked it! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh man, it's a stand off then!
      Then again, I get to tell my sister (the artist) that both her pics were liked.
      Thanks for commenting Beatriz!
      In case you get to read this, are you on goodreads or something? Some way we could connect?

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  4. I like the first one best. It's beautiful

    Also I want to comment on Ember and Obsidian I really liked the Ember story, Obsidian is good also (haven't finished it yet though). I really like Jaden he's great, (I like his personality better than Ikovos, even though Ikovos is better than Jack). In this second one I get to know Jaden better which is great. I'm glad he's so protective of his lady, (wish more men where like that now, you know?). I love that Eve does NOT follow the theme that the majority of books have girls as nowadays, (which is men in a woman's body, lol). It's OK for the girl to be someone who can beat it all some of the time, but when all of them are that way it gets boring, (plus what will the men do if she does it all, all of the time?). Also girls have been getting there way with men a long time before this and last century where women do it all, how? By making men believe it was their idea in the first place lol:)!
    You're a great author Tess. Will read your Beauty and the Beast story next.